The word “epic” embeds an entire marketing philosophy. There is no such thing as “universal epic”. The content of a blog post has to resonate to the reader. Vacation rental companies in North Myrtle Beach have to clearly identify their marketing personas, the typology of their customers and the demographics, psychographics and other important marketing characteristics specific to their potential customers, vacationer in North Myrtle Beach.

Once these marketing personas have been clearly defined, you can research and find out more about their interests and affinities and you can plan content accordingly. For example, every vacation rental company in North Myrtle Beach wrote about each section of the city: Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Windy Hill, and Crescent Beach. This information is very generic and fits all potential visitors. The more generic approach, the less efficiency.

Marketing personas
Marketing personas are not a single user. They are a representation of the goals and behaviors of a hypothesized group of users. In many cases they are captured in a 1-2 page description that include behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and a few fictional details the make the persona a realistic character.
Source: (Quick Guide on Creating a Marketing Persona)

You have to ask yourself what information fits best people of a certain age or educational background, for example. Students will resonate differently to the same article than retired professionals. So why not find out exactly who your customers are and write blog posts to fit them? This way the energy, the impact and the message are much more intense and effective. Only this way you can generate content that people would label as epic.