Facebook Allows Restaurants to Display Menus

Facebook Allows Restaurants to Display Menus

Facebook Allows Restaurants to Display Menus

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Facebook pleasantly surprised restaurants today by adding a very useful new feature: restaurant owners can now upload their menus in PDF format to display in their page tabs.

Facebook also announced that restaurants in the United States and Canada who use the Constant Contact listings tool SinglePlatform can now display their menu in a tab on Facebook. SinglePlatform provides a centralized dashboard to manage price, business hours and other details that can be pushed out to review sites, search engines and mobile apps. SinglePlatform is currently the only online listings service Facebook is working with to provide online menu data.

“If you already work with SinglePlatform for your other menu needs, your menu will automatically be added to your restaurant’s Page,” Facebook said in a release. Read more about SinglePlatform’s Facebook menu integration on the company’s blog.

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