Social Media Marketing Services

  1. Social Media Marketing ServicesImprove social media presence by helping with effective channels: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, image sharing (Flickr, PhotoBucket, etc), social bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon, etc), video channels (Youtube, Vimeo, etc);

    • Consultancy and/or help with creating the accounts on each social media channel;
    • Help with posting information on each social media channel (we can post on your behalf and engage with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc) based on a clear strategy and policy (eventually on an approval-based system, where only messages you approve will be posted)
  2. Consultancy and involvement with adopting and using content marketing, one of the most effective and powerful social media marketing strategies

    • We develop or offer consultancy with developing the blogging platform integrated with your website
    • We develop the content strategy and action plan suitable to your business and in consideration with your competitors
    • We can also develop content for the blogs to accomplish social media and marketing strategic objectives
  3. Social Media Monitoring – We use some of the most powerful monitoring tools to get timely and accurate data on a multitude of aspects. These reports allow us to provide you with not only social media-specific metrics, but also business-related metrics

    1. Social media metrics/Awareness, Attention, and Reach:

      • Volume of conversations
      • Share of conversations
      • Tone and sentiment of the comments
      • Influence analysis – who are the top influencers on each social media channel; we help you engage with them and turn them into your brand advocates
      • Membership increase and active network size
      • Brand mentions in social media
      • Loyalty of your social members
      • Virality of messages (how viral they get through social media)
    2. Business metrics

      • Social media leads
      • Cross sales
      • Revenue creation (and the activities that lead up to it)
      • Cost minimization (along with activities to help achieve it)
      • Other critical financial performance metrics
  4. Business Intelligence – We go an extra mile and extract every bit of intelligence from all the monthly or weekly reports and stats and we provide you with invaluable business insight needed to have social media marketing improve your bottom line
  5. Competitor’s monitoring – we keep a close eye on your competition so you know all their moves and make sure you’re always ahead of them.
  6. Social Influencer Marketing – An endorsement from a respected voice can go a long way in raising awareness. Influencer Marketing, as provided by our agency, includes four main activities:

    • Identifying influencers, and ranking them in order of importance.
    • Marketing to influencers, to increase awareness of the  client within the influencer community.
    • Marketing through influencers, using influencers to increase market awareness of the client amongst target markets.
    • Marketing with influencers, turning influencers into advocates of the client.

We engage the following research tools/insights to influence our client's marketing activities

  •  Consumer behavior insights (driven by attitudinal survey research)
  •  Marketing mix modeling
  •  Online advertising effectiveness studies (via attitudinal survey research)
  •  Sales linkage or ROI studies
  •  Creative testing/Copytesting
  •  Consumer behavior insights (driven by consumer behavioral clickstream research)
  •  Online media measurement studies
  •  Brand tracking